Saturday, August 23, 2008


South sulawesi foods, acctually i grab this receipe from cuek blog.
this foods first time when my friend bring from Makassar. So i see at internet and i get this receipe.

This foods like youghurt, but without milk.

200 gr sticky flour
25 gr starch flour
100 ml water boilling
1 tsp salt
½ tsp vanilli
850 ml warm coconut milk from 1½ coconut
10 old plantain and mature (bisa diganti pisang tanduk atau pisang kepok)
banana leaf for wrap up
350 ml coconut milk from 1½ coconut fruit and give ½ sdt salt
How to cook
1. mixed sticky and startch flour, and after thats give water boiling and mix it. with step by step insert sugar, salt, and vanili. and give coconut milk with slowly. cooking.
2. blender banana and insert to batter.
3. take batter and pack with banana leaf, and before give 2-3 tsp cocomut milk.
4. and steam until 30-40 minutes

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